What we do .

Cultural Activities, food, and drinks

1. Cooking Below we have listed some of the meals available any time at nyumbaniCulture centre. We have many more, but through orders

1. Loshoro,

2. Mangolo,

3. Kitawa,

4. Ngararimu,

5. Kitalolo etc.

6. Ugali with amaranth, jute mallow, cow pee, nightshade etc.

7. Kindra

8. Ugali

9. Makande

Drinks Local made coffee -----clean and good test, this is from organic grow

Listed below are some of the activities you will experience in our societies 1. Fetching water

2. Looking for cattle/ sheep

3. Braiding bead jewelry

4. Making traditional music

5. Building

6. Farming

7. Trading


During stay you will be able to visit one of our community schools or vocational schools or women groups or youth groups LOCAL FARMING During the days(if you stay more than one day) you will have a day to choose one crop between coffee or banana farm visitation, you will understand all stages from farm preparations to harvests and preparation for final use (consumption) our farms are organic based. Apart from that you will be given an offer to visit and see how local animals are kept.